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A photo of a US National Trials section from 2017.  Clicking on image sends you to the AMA NATC Trials in OHIO 2017
Photo by Lorraine Celis

Lorraine Celis D.D.S.
2628 E Jefferson Blvd
South Bend, Indiana 46615

  • Office Phone (574) 233-7266

  • Office Fax (574) 233-7560

We have recently expanded our dental office in 2014 to accomodate more patients and parking.

Conveniently located on South Bend's Jefferson Boulevard inbetween 26th and 27th Steets. You can access our parking lot via 27th Street or the 26th street alley next to Proactive Health Chiropractic.

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Saint Joseph County, Indiana, USA (41.671780, -86.209938, 9) [Geocode OFF]


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